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Update Monday, June 20, 2022

Dear Glen Riddle Station Residents:


We want to share some important information with you about the complaint we filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) regarding the Mariner East Pipeline and Sunoco/Energy Transfer. An article recently appeared in The Inquirer and is linked below.

The PUC validated our concerns and objections relating to Sunoco’s reckless behavior that put our more than 200 residents and employees in avoidable danger, finding 51 separate serious instances of illegal conduct by Sunoco. It also directed Sunoco to stop its dangerous conduct immediately. As you may recall, Sunoco forced us to pursue this, solely to protect the safety of our residents and employees.

It’s now our hope that Middletown Township will review the PUC’s thorough rebuke of Sunoco’s reckless practices and hold Sunoco to an appropriate standard as the company continues to work here. We also have renewed our request with the township to be transparent and release its emails with Sunoco, which were paid for by taxpayers. It’s time to drop the secrecy.

As updates arise, we’ll continue to share them with you. The safety of our residents and neighbors and the health of our environment are always our priority.

Update Monday, June 20

Dear Glen Riddle Station Residents:


We wanted to share some important information with you about the complaint we filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) in December 2020 regarding the Mariner East Pipeline. Earlier this week, the Deputy Chief Administrative Law Judge of the PUC found that Sunoco committed 51 violations of law during the construction of the pipeline at Glen Riddle. The Judge agreed with our concerns related to safety, noise, and Sunoco’s lack of communication with management and residents, among other important findings.  The decision concludes, “[M]ore should have been done by Sunoco where the well-being and safety of more than 200 Pennsylvanians was at issue.”  You can read the full Decision below. 


The decision is the latest blow to Energy Transfer and Middletown Township. In October, the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas ordered Sunoco and the township to release emails between the parties. That decision is under appeal since the township continues to refuse to provide the emails to taxpayers. Energy Transfer still faces 48 criminal charges from the state attorney general, including the contamination of drinking water at 22 sites in 11 counties, including in Delaware County. 


In a letter to Middletown Township, Glen Riddle calls on the township to finally drop its opposition to releasing emails between Sunoco and the township. You can read our letter to the Township below. 


The letter reads, in part: “The decision highlights, among other things, the extraordinarily reckless, grossly negligent, and unconscionable behavior and decision-making of Middletown officials.  It also gives rise to more serious questions about the relationship between these officials and Sunoco. It remains unclear why Middletown officials permitted an international oil conglomerate based in Texas to come to Middletown and put the lives of more than 200 Middletown residents in jeopardy.”


We will continue to share any updates with you as this matter progresses. The safety of our residents and neighbors and the health of our environment are always our priority, and we'll continue to press for transparency from our elected officials.


You can read the Associated Press Article from March 10, 2022,  here












Update Friday, June 18, 2021

Good Afternoon Residents - 

The safety and health of our residents at Glen Riddle are of the utmost importance to us. We thank you for your patience as the details of this unfortunate water break within the Sunoco work area are reviewed. 

We have received the final test results back for heavy metals.  We are pleased to report that those test results show no abnormalities.

 Thank you once again for your patience as we awaited the test results. When it comes to safety and water quality, it is important to us that every precaution be taken. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you


Update Saturday, June 12, 2021

Good Afternoon Residents -


The safety and health of our residents at Glen Riddle are of the utmost importance to us. We thank you for your patience as the details of this unfortunate water break within the Sunoco work area are worked out. 


We received from Aqua results from tests conducted by Aqua and those results revealed no abnormalities.  Preliminary results from experts retained by Glen Riddle have also revealed no abnormalities.  We expect to receive final results from experts we have retained on Monday, June 14th.  We will report those to you when we receive them. 


When it comes to safety and water quality, it is important to us that every precaution be taken. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Thank you!


Update Thursday, June 10, 2021

Dear Residents,

Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we have taken all recommended precautions in regards to water testing at Glen Riddle. To this end, we continue to listen to, and trust, the experts.

Following the water line break that occurred on Glen Riddle property within the Sunoco work zone and understanding the nature of at least some of the materials in that Sunoco work zone, it was our goal to be as sure as we possibly could that the water going into the building for resident use was safe and free of contaminants. 

Two days following the break, legal counsel at Sunoco stated that the water was safe to drink -- we had not heard this statement from Aqua, the water utility service who had yet to conduct ALL necessary testing. It was not until yesterday, June 9th that Aqua told Glen Riddle that they did not find any abnormalities.  We also retained a geologist in our desire for the safest possible outcome here.

We are still awaiting the results of further testing from our geologist for VOCs or SVOCs, which can include hazardous chemicals. As soon as we receive these results, we will make you aware of them.  Hopefully, we will have the “all clear” very soon.

Thank you all for your continued patience during this time,



Update Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dear Residents,


Your safety is our highest priority as we work through this situation together.

On that note, it has come to our attention that residents of Glen Riddle may have received a letter from Energy Transfer, an affiliate of Sunoco. Within this letter were many misleading, and often contradictory, statements. The following are our responses to misrepresentations made in this letter: 


1. The 4-inch water line in question is located directly in-line with what appears to be the new Sunoco pipelines. Sunoco representatives confirmed on Wednesday May 26 that backfilling (returning soil to an open dug area) and other heavy work activity was occurring in the area of the water line. Sunoco is using every inch of the area within the green sound walls which makes this entire area their 'work zone'.


2. Glen Riddle turned the water off at the building feed as requested by Sunoco representatives. Glen Riddle never agreed that the water should be turned back on once a repair was made. This was to ensure proper testing and out of concern for our residents’ safety. We are taking an appropriate and cautious approach to this issue.


3. Horn Plumbing turned the water service within Glen Riddle property back on without the permission of Glen Riddle which is why Glen Riddle was forced to contact the State Police. 


4. Glen Riddle consulted with a geologist, environmental engineer and several plumbers who believed that greater than 'normal' tests would be required due to the possible extreme chemicals being used within the worksite and what appears to be an unknown ground water trickling through the property for weeks. Pipeline construction’s environmental impact so close to communities like Glen Riddle are not normal. In an effort to ensure there are no issues to the water service, Glen Riddle determined proper testing at the recommendation of independent consultants was required. 


5. Aqua has not deemed the water safe for consumption despite Glen Riddle asking for that information. As of Friday 5/29 around 1pm, Aqua has not yet confirmed that it is testing for VOCs or SVOCs. Since Sunoco has failed to do so, Glen Riddle has hired its own independent testing service to test for VOCs and SVOCs among other tests. 


6. Glen Riddle is not certain that Sunoco explained to Aqua the exact location of the break and the potential associated risks. 


7. Aqua took its water tests around 12pm on Thursday May 27 which is the fastest they could arrive and did so alongside a representative from Glen Riddle. Glen Riddle has no knowledge of another Aqua representative being on-site during the morning of May 27 as Sunoco has stated. Sunoco representatives were offered the same opportunity but did not respond. 


8. Contrary to Sunoco’s position, It is irresponsible to turn water on abruptly without confirming that it is safe and without proper communication is sent to the affected parties.


Again, your safety is what matters most to us. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this. We will continue to keep you informed on any new developments. 

Thank you


Update Tuesday, June 1 2021

Dear Residents,

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work through matters regarding the water line break at Glen Riddle last week. Be advised that we understand that the initial water samples and tests taken by Aqua have come back negative for bacteria, but we are still awaiting additional test results. 


Your safety is our top priority, so as we anticipate receiving the final results within the next few days, Glen Riddle residents are strongly advised to continue with the following general safety precautions:

o Before using the water for any purpose, residents must adequately flush the lines. You MUST run your hot water, where applicable for four minutes (sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, and dishwashers), and cold water for 2 minutes

o Residents must REFRAIN from cooking, eating, drinking, teeth brushing, or using water in any other way that it would come into contact with their mouths until results of testing is available

o Showering is ok, but you MUST avoid getting water into your mouth. If there is any discoloration or odor stop showering and stop using the water in any way. Please make management aware immediately if this is to occur.

We also advise that you continue drinking the bottled water that has been provided at the front of Glen Riddle buildings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact office management - we are always happy to help. 


Update Thursday, May 27 2021

Good Afternoon - 


As you know yesterday there was a water line break within the Sunoco Pipeline work zone. The line has been repaired and a formal complaint has been filed with the State Police. Glen Riddle has notified the DEP and Aqua water company. Aqua has taken a sample of the water for testing. Glen Riddle is waiting on information regarding the parameters of that testing and the results. Glen Riddle will also have independent testing conducted if, in consultation with experts, it deems it necessary.


While Glen Riddle is awaiting testing results the water can be turned back on, however, Glen Riddle residents are strongly advised to follow the recommendations set forth below:


  • Before using the water for any purpose, residents must adequately flush the lines. You MUST run your hot water, where applicable for four minutes (sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, and dishwashers), and cold water for 2 minutes


  • Residents must REFRAIN from cooking, eating, drinking, teeth brushing, or using water in any other way that it would come into contact with their mouths until results of testing is available


  • Showering is ok, but you MUST avoid getting water into your mouth. If there is any discoloration or odor stop showering and stop using the water in any way. Please make management aware immediately if this is to occur.


Please contact the management office with any questions or if you need any assistance with cleaning the water sources in your home. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please know that Glen Riddle is doing everything it can to ensure that water is accessible and safe. We will continue to hold Sunoco and their representatives accountable.


Update Thursday, April 29, 2021







Dear Residents, 

We were pleased to see that so many of our residents were able to attend Monday night’s township meeting. We listened as you spoke up about many issues, especially safety measures that have been neglected by Sunoco and the township.

A full recording of the Township Meeting can be found here.  

It’s important to clarify some confusing information that was brought up at Monday’s township meeting about Glen Riddle. The following is a summary of information from a letter between Sunoco & Middletown from 2016:

- Middletown Township accepted $1,800,000.00 from Sunoco 

- Middletown has the ability to monitor Sunoco’s work in the township for the health, safety and welfare of residents.

The township can work with Sunoco to have Sunoco mitigate any issues. We believe this includes the high levels of noise that you reported to the Management office and we have recorded multiple times on site since November. 


You can find the full Middletown - Sunoco Agreement here

We have also documented multiple instances in which Glen Riddle Management and it's Counsel have reached out to the township in an effort to have this resolved, to no avail. You can find some of the communications here.

We will continue reaching out to the township in order to ensure the safety and well being of our residents. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the levels of noise, or other matters happening on Glen Riddle grounds, please reach out to the following council members in an effort to have these issues resolved:


Council Chairman Mark Kirchgasser



Councilman Walter (Bok) Read (representing Glen Riddle’s district):



Update Monday, April 26, 2021


Dear Residents, 

Middletown Township will be holding a council meeting on Zoom. April 26th Sunoco will be attending the Middletown Township meeting. We encourage all of you to come out and continue to share your concerns. You can find the link to Monday’s meeting here


Zoom Details:

ID: 893 7039 2231


Update Wednesday, May 26 2021

Good Evening -

As you know, there was a water main break inside the condemned, Sunoco Pipeline work zone today.

A repair was completed a couple of hours ago. The drinking water will need to be tested tomorrow to verify it is safe to use and drink.

The water will be turned off to the community shortly. Service will be restored as soon as Sunoco tests the water and can confirm it is safe.

You will find drinking water outside of your building tonight for your use.

We are working diligently to restore your service as soon as possible.

Thank you

Update Thursday, April 22, 2021


Dear Residents,

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we continue to work with Sunoco to get what is best for our residents. We have some updates for you to ensure that we are keeping you all informed:

Rent Relief:

There have been no further updates on the topic of rent relief. If we are to hear back, we will let you know immediately.  

Drilling Operations:

Drilling operations are now completed on-site, and all that’s left is to lay the pipe itself. This means noise and vibration levels should have decreased. We want to remind you to be cautious as work trucks come in and out of the development and to report anything that may pose a safety issue. 

Middletown Township Meeting 4/26:

On Monday, April 26th Sunoco will be attending the Middletown Township meeting. We encourage all of you to come out and continue to share your concerns. You can find the link to Monday’s meeting here.  

Update Friday, April 9, 2021

Dear Residents,

We are here to provide you with an update on where things stand right now with Sunoco in regards to rent relief and the pedestrian walkway, as well as the PUC complaint hearing. 

  • We have still not received any further information on the rent relief conversation that we have been urging for since December. If we receive more information about how and when this relief will be distributed, we will keep you informed. It seems that residents are getting information quicker than the management office. Feel free to continue to share any updates from Sunoco with us. 

  • Sunoco provided a plan for a pedestrian walkway on-site to combat the issues faced when trying to get from one side of the complex to the other. This plan was not feasible. We are continuing to urge Sunoco to move their worksite to accommodate a pass through, especially as the pool reopens, so that residents can use the facilities without disruption. 

  • The PUC complaint hearing is coming up starting at the end of April. We plan to send correspondence to all of you after the hearing to update you on it’s current status. Please stay tuned. 

If you have any further concerns regarding noise and safety at Glen Riddle, we strongly encourage you to reach out to the following council members in an effort to have these issues resolved:

Council Chairman Mark Kirchgasser



Councilman Walter (Bok) Read (representing Glen Riddle’s district):



PA Dept. of Health

Thank you for your patience and continued support as we continue to work through these issues. For a full history of updates over the past few months, please view our “Pipeline Update” page here.

Update Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Dear Residents,

Many of you are aware of the letter that was sent out by Sunoco on Monday regarding some concerns brought up by residents at Glen Riddle. We are here to assure you that we have been working diligently to come to an agreement with Sunoco, especially regarding rent relief. 

In Monday’s letter, Sunoco stated that “apartment management has walked away from the table of our discussions” which is simply not true. We had reached out to Sunoco directly again, as recently as Monday evening, and still do not have additional information about rent relief. We have even offered to help with the distribution of rent relief checks to Glen Riddle residents and have heard no response on that end. We will update you as soon as we have any news and hope to simplify the process for our residents, but for the time being, feel free contact Sunoco at 877-872-1288. 

As you know, we’ve been pushing for rent relief since December, when we first emailed about this effort. For a full history of updates, you can visit: We’ll continue to archive these email updates for your convenience.

If you have any other questions, you can always reach us at with any questions or concerns.

Update Monday, March 29, 2021

Dear Residents,

We are writing with some updates related to Sunoco work at Glen Riddle.


General Meetings with Sunoco

We met with Sunoco regarding rent relief and other concerns that have been expressed to Management by Glen Riddle residents. We are currently working to continue the conversation with Sunoco on a pedestrian crosswalk at the top of the community, better traffic flow & school bus access, sound mitigation and air quality amongst other safety issues.


Rent Relief 

For over a year, Glen Riddle Management has advocated for Sunoco to provide rent relief to residents. Over the past few weeks, we initiated discussion with Sunoco about rent relief. Unfortunately, Sunoco stated that they would only offer rent relief if Glen Riddle dropped our registered complaint with the PUC regarding the unsafe conditions on site. This is not something we were comfortable with, which is why we were then happy to hear Sunoco sent an announcement by USPS mail to all residents. Glen Riddle Management offered to help distribute this communication by e-mail, but we did not receive anything from Sunoco. We are reaching out to Sunoco again in hopes that they'll allow us to help distribute the checks as we do not want to see any delay in our residents receiving this relief.

PUC Case & Federal Suit

The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance to us, and we will never put a price tag on that.  We will continue to communicate with Sunoco and fight for the safety measures you deserve. We will continue the case in front of the PUC if Sunoco does not adequately address the safety concerns. We believe our residents deserve the rent relief without compromising their safety. You also may have heard that the Federal Judge dismissed the recent case against Middletown Township related to Fire Code violations. The Judge found that other courts, including the PUC, would be more appropriate to hear the safety concerns brought up by Glen Riddle.  We had hoped that the federal court would solve the safety concerns and are a disappointed that it refrained from ruling on those issues, but we will continue to pursue them in other fora.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at with any questions or concerns.

Update Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dear Residents,

We’d like to provide you with another update from our Town Hall with Sunoco last week, as well as address some concerns regarding levels of noise heard here at Glen Riddle. 

Our Attempts to Meeting With Sunoco On-Site:

A comment was made by Sunoco during the Town Hall, stating that they made efforts to try to meet with Glen Riddle to discuss a pedestrian walk on-site.  In response, Glen Riddle’s representatives reached out to coordinate an immediate meeting for last Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday of this current week -- we have received no confirmation. 

We will continue to try and coordinate with Sunoco to get a pedestrian walk connecting both sides of the community and other concerns. We will update you on any new developments, as always. 

Noise Issues at Glen Riddle:

On another note, we hear your concerns with the levels of noise that can be heard throughout Glen Riddle due to the work being performed by Sunoco, and we couldn’t agree more. Yesterday, we reached out to the township and will continue to do so in hopes that action will be taken.

Additionally, at the township meeting held on February 8, Glen representatives asked the township to monitor the sound under the authority that they have in their grading permit & Sept. 2017 ‘side letter’ with Sunoco.


You can watch those videos from February 8 here:

Glen Riddle Management Open Comment Regarding Noise:


Glen Riddle Management  Open Comments:

On Saturday, we recorded sound measures and documented 72-89 decibels through-out the entire work day. For reference, gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers measure anywhere from 80-85 decibels, which is capable of causing damage to hearing after as little as 2 hours of exposure.

We ask that you report any high levels of noise to Chairman Mark Kirkasser or Council Member Bok Read with the hope that they do the right thing or, at least, in an effort to hold them accountable for promises that were previously made. 

Council Chairman Mark Kirchgasser



Councilman Walter (Bok) Read (representing Glen Riddle’s district):



If you have any questions, please message us at




Update Monday, March 1, 2021

Dear Residents,


Many residents have inquired about the presence of the Department of Environmental Protection Emergency Response at Glen Riddle Friday.


It was brought to our attention that an unknown liquid was observed, and said to have been “squirting” out of the sound wall put in place by Sunoco. Our Civil Engineer also confirmed the presence of a clay, liquid sediment coming under the sound wall and crossing the “Sunoco Limit of Disturbance.”


As a result, the correct authorities were notified by Glen Riddle. We understand that they are reviewing the matter and we are awaiting their response.


We will continue to update you on any new information that is brought to light. Your safety is our priority, and we are working to get to the bottom of these leaks. 


If you have any questions, please message us at





Update Friday, February 26, 2021


Dear Residents,

Thank you to those who were able to come out to Tuesday night’s meeting held by Sunoco. As we have said before, it takes the voices and presence of our community, along with our continued efforts to make things happen and provide a safe space for residents. 

We want you to know that we are continuing to stay on top of Sunoco to ensure that we ultimately get them to provide a site that is as safe as possible. That said, Tuesday’s meeting is not at all what was expected. 

We understand that Sunoco was filtering questions and oftentimes not presenting questions that had been asked by our residents. On top of that, the video feed, which was meant to provide accessibility to the meeting, was disrupted after only 15 minutes and permanently so.  The alternative audio feed was muffled and plagued by feedback. 

Glen Riddle was also compared to the Tunbridge apartments across the street, stating how well they have cooperated with management. As you know, the real life issues are not at all the same. Tunbridge granted an easement, whereas we were forcibly condemned (taken) by court order. It was also noted that the less disruptive work that began at Tunbridge at the same time as Glen Riddle’s extremely disruptive work has already been completed. Glen Riddle is looking at an estimated completion date of June 2021. 

We’ve worked with political leaders, police, the township, the school district, PUC, etc. as well as invested significant resources just to force Sunoco to do what they already should have been doing for safety -- and we will continue to do so.  

We hear you, and we are just as frustrated with the way this meeting was handled.  We were promised a Town Hall and received something very different.

Update Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Instructions for Tonight’s Town Hall with Sunoco:


  • Those wishing to view the video feed can click on the Vimeo link:

  • Those wishing to listen to an audio feed can call 833-419-0134

  • To ask a question, call the phone number and key in star (*) 3 to be connected to an operator

Update Monday, February 22, 2021


Dear Residents,

As promised, we are following up with more information on tomorrow’s Town Hall meeting with Sunoco. The Town Hall will take place on the phone and online at 6:30 PM tomorrow. We encourage all residents to attend if possible using the RSVP form here.

As some of you may know, the setup of Sunoco’s Town Hall meetings is a bit different from what you may expect. In order to ask a question or make a comment, you must first complete the RSVP form above.

Here are some more instructions regarding tomorrow’s Town Hall meeting:

·        Those wishing to view the video feed can click on the Vimeo link:

·        Those wishing to listen to an audio feed can call 833-419-0134

·        The interactive element is over the phone only; this is how Sunoco typically holds virtual town halls as they have found it to be the most efficient and effective over the phone. The video component is an added visual aid and is not required to participate.

·        To ask a question, participants will call the phone number and key in star (*) 3 to be connected to an operator.

·        The moderator will relay the questions to the Sunoco panelists to be answered on audio and video. Questions that do not relate to the signs or construction on site at Glen Riddle will be screened out. 


If for any reason you have trouble accessing the meeting, or if a question of yours was not answered, please contact us immediately by sending us an email.

Update Sunday, February 21, 2021


Dear Residents,

This email is to remind you to RSVP to Tuesday's Town Hall meeting with Sunoco. With the help of the community, we are able to continue to get the proper recognition on this issue. We have already seen some of our residents RSVP to attend and hope to see all of you with questions doing so! RSVP here.

As another reminder, Sunoco is requiring that all residents in attendance provide their name and physical address, which is why we have put together our own RSVP form to keep your information confidential. 

As always, any questions or concerns can be directed back to where you can find past updates as well as our contact information. 

Update Friday, February 19, 2021

(with edit February 21, 2021)



Dear Residents,

We are emailing you with an update on the upcoming Town Hall meeting that our emergency petition with the PUC ultimately caused Sunoco to hold. We cannot thank you enough for your continued efforts that helped make this happen. 

At 6:30 PM on Tuesday, February 23rd we encourage you all to attend the Town Hall meeting.  In order to ask a question, Sunoco is requiring that all residents provide their name and physical address.  You can find the RSVP page here.

We would also like to advise you that members of our team will be getting the word out about Tuesday’s Town Hall meeting with Sunoco to ensure that those of you with questions about the work will have the opportunity to get them answered. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always refer back to our FAQ page for more information, as well as our contact information. 

Update Wednesday, February 17, 2021



We hope you can join us in the evening on February 23rd for a Town Hall meeting run by Sunoco regarding the safety at Glen Riddle. It was with your support that we were able to file an emergency petition with the PUC last week which ultimately caused Sunoco to hold this meeting.

As we receive more information, we will continue to update you and encourage you to come out on Tuesday the 23rd to have your voices heard. 

If you have any questions, you can find contact information as well as past updates on our FAQ page here.

Update Friday, February 12, 2021


Dear Residents,


We understand that residents noticed the new signs installed by Sunoco yesterday around Glen Riddle, photo attached. The signage cautions of "Danger" and asks to "Keep 100 Yards from Work Activities." We were not consulted or even notified before these signs were installed, and we share your concerns that your homes are within this 100-yard radius. 


Glen Riddle's legal team has reached out to Sunoco to inquire about what activity is occurring that necessitated these signs being posted. To our knowledge, these signs were introduced at the same time as the announcement that drilling activity is to begin on-site.


Sunoco claims that it posted the signs in error.  We have asked for more information from Sunoco about the safety of its work at Glen Riddle to help us better understand the “danger” identified in the new signage. Meaningful communication from Sunoco is necessary here.


In the meantime, and in the interest of public safety and communication, we have filed a Petition for Interim Emergency Relief with the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, asking the PUC to get involved to help resolve this issue and to make sure that we all know what is going on at Glen Riddle. 

As always, we will update you as soon as we have more information. Thank you again for your vigilance and support.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 5.10.34 PM.png

Update Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Good afternoon,

Thank you to those residents who were able to join us at Monday’s Middletown Township meeting. A recording is publicly available on the Middletown website. We’d also like to thank Senator Kane for stopping by Glen Riddle on Saturday to witness the effects that the above-ground work is having on our residents. It is with your ongoing support that we are able to keep this issue on the radar of top officials.

We expect Sunoco will begin drilling on our property this week, which will most likely lead to odors and loud noise. We hope to see your continued support as above-groundwork begins and encourage you to report any noise violations and odors to the township and notify Glen Riddle as well

As a reminder, you can find contact information on our FAQ page:

Update Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thank you, once again, for speaking up on the issues most pressing to you as we work through this ongoing situation with Sunoco and the Township. We want you to know that your voices have been heard, and that we are taking the necessary steps towards getting the federal government involved. 

As many of you know, the Mama Bear Brigade led a demonstration in front of the J Building on Saturday, January 30 and the outcome was beyond our wildest expectations. Not only were we able to voice concerns and experiences related to the pipeline construction, but we were also able to gain the attention of the media, amplifying those voices further into the community. You can view the full article that ran on the front page of the Delco Times here.

We appreciate your support in this ongoing fight, and we’ve seen success through your efforts - like getting more public exposure around the noise issues at Glen Riddle. To that end, we encourage you to sign this new petition. We need to continue to remind local officials that this pipeline is not benefiting our community with heat for our homes or fuel for our cars, but instead providing materials overseas. 

Michael from the front office will be going door to door to collect signatures for this petition. Alternatively, we’ll be sending around a link to an online portal where you can sign if you prefer.

It is with your involvement that our chances of being heard will increase, and changes will be made.

Update Thursday, January 28, 2021

First of all, we thank the residents who attended the Community meeting Monday. Even though Middletown Township canceled the Council meeting, we were proud to offer a platform for all locals affected by the pipeline to voice their concerns and experiences. You can view the full meeting here.

The group that hosted the meeting, the Mama Bear Brigade, will lead a demonstration in front of the J Building this Saturday, January 30 at 1pm. Please visit the Facebook event here for details. 

The Mama Bears are also looking for a few residents to share stories about how the pipeline has affected the quality of life at Glen Riddle. If you would like to share your story, please reply to this email and we will pass your contact information along. 

We want you to know that we continue to fight for you and for our safety.  Last week, we filed a federal lawsuit against the Township asking the Court to direct the Township to do what the Township says it cannot – make the worksite more safe. Our hope is that the courts and the Township will support our request for safety protocols. We fear, though, that the Township will side with Sunoco against all of us, and try to thwart our efforts at making us all more safe.  We will keep you posted.

We hope to see you on Saturday, and that you’ll consider sharing your concerns at the event!

Update Sunday, January 24, 2021

Property ‘Taking’ or Condemnation 


For additional context, the graphic below shows the original plan that was presented to Glen Riddle in 2016, highlighted in red. This work was for underground drilling only, with limited (if any) disruption aboveground. 


Highlighted in green, you’ll see the private property that was recently seized on behalf of Sunoco in order to complete aboveground work that was not permitted in the original plan. This seizure, known as condemnation, presents a potentially dangerous environment that would require additional safety precautions. 


Update Saturday, January 23, 2021

We're pleased to announce that several local groups have joined forces to hold a Community Meeting on Monday at 7pm, after Middletown cancelled their previously scheduled meeting unexpectedly. Click here to register


Please consider joining us to share your concerns and experiences with others affected by the Sunoco pipeline construction.


You must register in advance of this meeting in order to receive the passcode to join. Please click here to mark your calendars. Note: this meeting will be recorded.


One of the groups involved in Monday’s Community meeting is also hosting an event at Glen Riddle: The Mama Bears, a group of community members concerned about the pipeline project - will be demonstrating next Saturday, January 30 at 1pm. They’re hoping to draw enough attention to let elected officials and permit issuers know that Sunoco’s pipeline is too dangerous and disruptive. We’ll be sharing more details about this event next week.

Update Friday, January 22, 2021

Good afternoon,

We heard from many of you who reached out to the township directly in preparation for Monday’s virtual meeting - thank you for your efforts aimed at making us more safe. We were made aware that this week more than a dozen residents reached out to the Township with concerns about the Sunoco Pipeline. Middletown Township canceled Monday’s meeting due to what it claims is a “lack of agenda items.” 

We are as frustrated, confused, and disappointed as you are. We will do what we can to have our local leaders and politicians listen to residents’ legitimate and important concerns. Please stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, please continue to send your concerns in writing to our representatives. We all have very real safety concerns that they need to hear about:

Township Manager: John McMullan

Council Chairman: Mark Kirchgasser

Councilman Walter (Bok) Read (representing Glen Riddle’s district):


Update Tuesday, January 19, 2021

We have been documenting and sharing all of your feedback, and we’ve put together a few action items for your review and consideration:

  • Read through our FAQs and reach out to the community members we’ve highlighted.

  • Attend next Monday’s Middletown Township Council Meeting. We will send the Zoom link once it is available.

  • In preparation for Monday’s meeting, submit your written statement directly to Middletown Township Manager: John McMullan by the end of this week. This increases the chances that your statement will be read and entered into the public record.

John McMullan
610 - 565 - 2700

  • A formal complaint can be submitted online here Middletown Township Complaint Form

  • If enough Glen Riddle residents are in attendance on Monday, we are hopeful that the council members will prioritize our concerns. We are also going to attempt to identify the residents who were not permitted to speak at the last meeting.

Your voices should be heard, and we’re confident that this level of outreach will help us get the type of attention we need to ensure our safety.

Update Friday, January 15, 2021

Several Glen Riddle residents were able to attend Middletown Township’s Council Meeting on Monday, and we're incredibly grateful for their time. That said, we’ve heard from many of the attendees, and we share their frustration. For those who were unable to attend, you can view the recording online here.

We found the township’s dismissal of our concerns beyond disappointing and understand that the tone and response to our concerns made for an uncomfortable environment. Councilman Mark Kirchgasser would not answer basic questions related to safety. We ask for transparency: what permits and approvals did the township grant Sunoco? Our elected officials should support the Glen Riddle residents and your right to live and work in a safe space.

Middletown Township will hold another virtual meeting on Monday, January 25 at 7pm, and we ask that you mark your calendars to join us.

Glen Riddle and its owners are fighting and will continue to fight for you. It’s been our primary focus since Sunoco began working in November. That said, we welcome your support and encourage you to advocate for yourselves by sharing your stories with community leaders - starting with the contacts we’ve listed in our FAQ roundup.

Thank you again for your patience, and your willingness to help during these trying times.


Update Friday, January 1, 2021


For over 60 years, we’ve been in the business of building homes and creating communities. And in all that time, “home” has never felt quite as important as it’s been this past year. We are so grateful for our community and hope that 2021 brings us all health, happiness, and peace.



For current Glen Riddle residents: help us start the year off right by joining us at our virtual town hall on Wednesday, January 6 at 7pm. Only Glen Riddle residents are invited to participate in order to create a safe space for our community to share concerns and questions directly with Glen Riddle managers. Please check your email for registration details.

Update Wednesday, December 30, 2020

We appreciate everyone who has shared concerns, questions, and general feedback as the pipeline construction continues at Glen Riddle. We hope that the rent credit that we are able to offer current residents helps bring a bit of joy during this stressful situation. While this relief is not coming from Sunoco, we’re still in conversation with their team and will continue to ask for some kind of compensation on behalf of our community.


We’d also like to share new, updated contact information for our Glen Riddle team:

Ed Deisher, Director of Property Management Iacobucci Companies:

Eileen Evans, Leasing Manager at Glen Riddle:

24/7 Maintenance Line for Urgent or Routine Requests: (484) 534-2216

We wish you and your family a safe, healthy, and happy new year.

Update Tuesday December 22, 2020


Once again, Middletown Fire Department & Rocky Run Fire Department was on site today. In order to simulate a real emergency, Glen Riddle strategically positioned cars in our parking lot. It was determined that the markers for the sound barriers need to be moved back further. We're still pushing Sunoco to release full safety plans, but we wanted to share today's progress with Glen Riddle residents in order to keep everyone in the loop.


Update Friday December 18, 2020


It’s been a busy week at Glen Riddle, so we’re recapping pipeline developments here for your convenience. As always, it’s our goal to keep our residents as informed as possible on this issue.

  • On Monday, we attended the virtual Middletown Council meeting, where we once again asked the township to issue an immediate stop order until we can ensure a safe environment for residents. You can watch the video online here. At this meeting, we discussed the hazardous conditions, the disappointing lack of communication from Sunoco, among other concerns.

  • After several residents submitted concerns about Sunoco’s loud construction noise, Glen Riddle purchased a Noise Decibel Meter. If you would like us to use the monitoring device in your apartment, please email: The official way to report noise complaints is through the Middletown website.

  • In preparation for Wednesday’s snowfall, we met with longtime partner Zizza Highway Services to discuss the differences on the property this year due to the Sunoco project. They successfully cleared snow while having the least impact on accessibility.

  • On Wednesday, we received a letter and fact sheet from Sunoco. While Glen Riddle did not have any input into these documents, we wanted to share them with residents as soon as possible. If and when Sunoco shares the safety plans we have requested, we will post that here as well.

  • Many of you have already signed the petition we created, asking our local officials to step in on behalf of our community. If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing here.

We understand that this has been an exceptionally difficult year. But know that we’re committed to fighting on your behalf, for as long as it takes - and we hope that brings some peace of mind this holiday season. 

Update Thursday December 17, 2020

Thank you, Zizza Highway Services, for being a great partner to the Glen Riddle community for all these years.

Earlier this week, we met with Zizza to discuss the differences on the property this year due to the Sunoco project. They've made the necessary arrangements for snow removal to have the least impact on accessibility.


Update Friday December 11, 2020

Join us in asking our local officials for their support:  


In response to a letter from the Middletown Township Solicitor last week, Glen Riddle hired an engineer to review the new round of safety plans. This review led to the Middletown Fire Department being asked by the township to stop by Glen Riddle for a second time to complete an access test. 

We want to thank the men and women of the Middletown Fire Department for taking the time to study the unaddressed issues at our community.

It was discovered that the latest construction plans are still inadequate for proper fire truck access. Even though the responsibility to keep Sunoco accountable should not fall on us, we are continuing to fight for the safety of Glen Riddle residents. 

Sunoco is continuing work at the community.  We have formed requested and continue to urge the township to issue a Stop Order immediately so that proper safety planning can be addressed with Sunoco. We invite you to join us in asking our local officials for their support:



Update Thursday December 10, 2020

Consider signing this petition to local government officials [link

As we continue to monitor Sunoco’s actions, we are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from the community. Thank you, first and foremost, for helping raise awareness around the inexcusable negligence and lack of transparency related to the pipeline construction at Glen Riddle. 


For additional context, the graphic below shows the original plan that was presented to Glen Riddle in 2016, highlighted in red. This work was for underground drilling only, with limited (if any) disruption aboveground. 


Highlighted in green, you’ll see the private property that was recently seized on behalf of Sunoco in order to complete aboveground work that was not permitted in the original plan. This seizure, known as condemnation, presents a potentially dangerous environment that would require additional safety precautions yet to be shared by Sunoco.
















The good news is, we’re making some progress on holding Sunoco accountable. To keep this momentum going, we’re asking Glen Riddle residents to take action if they feel comfortable doing so:


1. Consider signing this petition to local government officials [link


2. If you see something suspicious on-site, please use this form to report it


Thank you again for your continued vigilance and support. We’re so incredibly appreciative of your commitment to our community. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out: or 610-358-2501

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 2.54.29 PM.png

Update Saturday December 5, 2020

Yesterday, we saw that Rose Tree Media School District buses are struggling to drive through our community and turn around on their routes to pick up your children. This is absolutely unacceptable. School buses must be able to get where they need to be quickly in order to meet their schedules for delivering children to school on time. The pipeline should not be allowed to interfere with education.

We have alerted Sunoco and will make sure this gets the attention of local, county, and state officials as well. If you have any concerns about how your kids get on the bus or other examples of how your life has been affected by Sunoco blocking all through access to the center of the property, please let us know.


Update Friday December 4, 2020

In our effort to keep you informed and up-to-date about everything that is happening in your community: we received a visit from the Middletown Township Fire Department earlier this week.  They were on-site, at our request, as we continue to do everything we can for the safety and well-being of our residents.  During preliminary conversations, it was determined that Sunoco needs to adjust their construction plan by several feet in order to allow for proper access to our property. The township is in the process of formally submitting their requirements to Sunoco, and we will update you on the timeline as soon as we have that information to share.
















To be clear, this will not prevent the construction of the Pipeline; it will, however, address some of the concerns we have for the safety of our residents. We should expect the sound barrier wall markers pushed back up at least 15-feet, as well as emergency access doors installed within said walls. 


We may be asked to remove additional parking places for a Temporary Fire Lane. Glen Riddle is more than willing to assist the township with this effort. However, we also want to ensure that enough parking places are available for resident use. Several parking areas at Glen Riddle and Tunbridge are already being removed by Sunoco during this project.


It’s also has become clear that your support and vigilance is incredibly valuable. The changes that Sunoco will be enforcing are a direct result of our collective persistence and dedication to safety. It’s on us, together, to hold Sunoco accountable for the time being. 


Thank you again for your continued support as we fight to maintain a safe space to live, work and play. We’ll continue to update you through email, on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter - and in the meantime, we hope you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season.


Update Monday November 30, 2020

You may have seen last week’s Inquirer article [Link Here] featuring Glen Riddle. Please feel free to share this piece on your own social media channels if you’re comfortable doing so. Our goal remains the same: to bring attention to the lack of safety planning caused by the Pipeline construction so that we can jointly come to a more suitable, safe solution for our residents.


Our team continues to push for open communication with Sunoco. To our knowledge, Sunoco needs to complete test digging before the wall will be installed. As soon as we have a timeline, we will share it here.

In the meantime, you’ll see Raymond Iacobucci Communities staff on-site. Feel free to say hi, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out 24/7 with concerns 610-358-2501. 


Update Wednesday November 25, 2020

In recent weeks, the Sunoco pipeline assigned a temporary work zone to Glen Riddle Apartments.


Our commitment to keeping our residents safe and secure is unwavering, which is why we are doing everything we can to ensure that the construction that occurs on our property is conducted as safely as possible.


Unfortunately, Sunoco has proven that they’re not willing to cooperate with us or even communicate.  That is why we’re working with attorneys, elected officials, and the media to shine a light on their behavior.  We’re doing absolutely everything in our power to ensure you are all safe and able to live in your apartments without interruption, noise, or danger.


Glen Riddle Apartments are managed by a family-owned company that’s been serving the Philadelphia community for more than 60 years. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook (Raymond Iacobucci Communities) for regular updates, as we’re committed to transparency and will be providing you with all of the facts and information we have as soon as they become available. 


In the coming days, you will likely see stories in the news about your apartment community complex.  The other side may attempt to spread misinformation. If you have any questions about anything you see or read, you can always contact the management office at or 610-358-2501. 

E-Mail & Posting Monday November 23, 2020 

Date: 11/23/2020 11:14 AM 




Dear Glen Riddle Community - 


We are writing with an update about the work being conducted at Glen Riddle by Sunoco Pipeline. As you know, a temporary work zone has been assigned to the property. Glen Riddle did not agree to this new work zone; but, Glen Riddle had no control over the conditions of the project and was not compensated for this expanded work zone. We have made several attempts to obtain the proper information from Sunoco to pass along to all residents. These attempts were met without  success.  At this point, we are disappointed to have no concrete details to share with you. We will continue to advocate for work to be stopped until advanced information is provided.  


We do have contact information for you to reach out to a representative directly with any questions. The contact below has been the only party identified to answer questions about work at Glen Riddle. We encourage anyone with questions to reach out to the contact below: 


Lance Vaught

Senior Right of Way Agent  

Percheron Field Services  


Letter & Posting from Monday September 14, 2020

14 September 2020

Glen Riddle Station Apartments 275 Glen Riddle Road Media, PA 19063

Residents of Glen Riddle Station Apartments 275 Glen Riddle Road
Media, PA 19063

Dear Resident,

As you may have heard, the Mariner East 2 Pipeline (the “Pipeline”) runs through the Glen Riddle Station Apartments (“Glen Riddle”) property. In the coming weeks, work on the Pipeline will begin on or adjacent to the Glen Riddle Property. You will see workers from Sunoco, Energy Transfer Partners, and/or Michels Corporation, or other contractors for the Pipeline work. We are told by Sunoco that this work will be completed within four months of its start.

We are in discussions with Sunoco with regard to the upcoming Pipeline work, and have asked that Sunoco maintain a safe and reasonably clean work site, utilizing any measures necessary to minimize the interference with and provide for your continued use and enjoyment of the Glen Riddle property. We cannot control, however, what Sunoco or its contractors will do with respect to their work and we encourage you to alert us if you have any questions or concerns. We will keep you updated as we become aware of more information.

To facilitate a prompt response time, we have assigned a contact person to address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Pipeline work at Glen Riddle. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Management Office at 610.358.2501 or

Glen Riddle Station Apartments

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